Ideal Skin Care

Our Skin Diagnostic Program of UNICUE is a fruit of R & D with the Facial Recognition Team in KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology). We’ve checked over 200,000 accumulated skin data over the years. Accurately analyzes and diagnoses the current skin condition for each skin type. Provides specific solutions for professional skin improvement.

Your Own Skin Data

UNICUE lets an user to know the skin type and condition in an accurate and specific status value.
※ oiliness, moist, pore size, pigmentation, wrinkles, sensitivity, sebum secretion
Connected to the smartphone application wirelessly anywhere anytime to check various skin conditions.

The Only and Unique Cartridge Cosmetics

UNICUE works with 6 cosmetic cartridges for you to provide users with ideal and essential ingredients and usage in real time for in-depth professional skin care. Our cosmetic products are made with ingredients for each skin type to enable your own personalized cosmetic prescription. Internal cartridges prevent the air contact for safer storage and use.

Link to Smart Phone Application

UNICUE smartphone application enables the users to check skin conditions visually in real time in the morning, evening or yearly. It predicts future changes for users to prepare and take measures. Its simple using method allows anyone to check the skin condition easily in real time.

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